Our guests LOVE real maple syrup

Today, Don, from Green Mountain Maple came to our house.  We had requested a gallon of their 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup after tasting it at a Black Mountain Festival.  As part of their service, they delivered it to my doorstep.  Whoa..now that is called service.  Whenever serving my guests, I put out the best rated store syrup and real maple syrup.  Guess which one everyone chooses?  I am trying the amber first and have samples to test with my future guests on the light and dark syrups.  This should be fun.    They even provided a sample of maple cream.  Guess I am going to have to find a cinnamon roll recipe to indulge my breakfast crew.  If you like the syrups, please “like” Green Mountain Maple on Facebook.  Green Mountain Maple Facebook Link


Real syrup lovers came to our B&B and voted on the syrup.  The dark amber won by a smidgen.  Love the comment from one of our guests.  “You could put this on cardboard and it would taste good.”  My response, “Well guess I don’t need to make oat blueberry pancakes anymore”.  LOL…gotta love it Brian.

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