We Celebrated our Second Year Anniversary

Jim and I are so happy to celebrate our second year business anniversary as of June 1, 2017.  Our view from our Secret Garden spot.  We love our beautiful Black Mountain with the art and music events, 33+ shops, and 40+ restaurants.  The people are so friendly and welcome dogs in town.  We do go to Asheville for special occasions since it is only 15 minutes away, but always glad to come back to our relaxing town.  During an interview, I was asked “What are your best memories in the past year?

  • Mother and Daughters, friends and families getting together under one roof.  There is so much laughter and warmth in the air.
  • Making permanent friends with people who stay here.  I love knowing my repeat guests and we have a great talks.  A few of them are now living here in Black Mountain.
  • Our first wedding.  A lovely couple had their second wedding here on site.  A couple of their friends came to stay with them for three days.  It was more work than we had originally thought, but it was so fun to get the experience and be part of such a happy occasion.

How did the tag line “The most breath-taking place in Black Mountain” came about?

We collaborated with Kudzu, our Black Mountain branding company.  We had hear a Ted Talks.  They researched what “beauty” meant to most people.  The majority of people defined beauty as overlooking mountains and water with wildlife.  We found this exact location at Arbor House of Black Mountain Bed and Breakfast.

Come and see us and enjoy a home away from home during your stay!

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